Forseti IS1996187983 from Vorsabæ 2

Forseti and Sigurbjörg Bára Björnsdóttir

Forseti and Sigurbjörg Bára Björnsdóttir

Mother: Litla-Jörp from Vorsabæ 2

Father: Hrafn from Holtsmúla.

Breeding assessment: 8,39-8,71=8,58

In the night of the 30th of June 1996 many were busy counting the votes which had been cast at the presidential election the day before, and while people in Iceland were waiting for the results, a bay colt was born at Vorsabær 2. We realized right away that a winner had now seen the light of day and decided to name him Forseti ( = Icelandic for president). It was never a question whether we should raise him as a stallion or not, since even as a foal he was beautiful and with good movements. Björn started him under saddle in the beginning of the year 2000, and in April he sent him to Þórður Þorgeirsson, a well-known horsetrainer, to be trained further. All went very well, so Forseti could be evaluated this same year and received 8,00 for conformation, 8,08 for riding abilities and 8,05 as a total score, thereby qualifying for the Landsmót later that year. There he was evaluated higher, receiving 8,12 as a total score.

When Forseti turned six years old, he was shown again at a breeding show in Reykjavik, where he ended up in first place with a total score of 8,23. Having achieved that, Forseti and Þórður appeared again at the Landsmót 2002, which took place at Vindheimamelar in the north of Iceland, the very same place where Gassi frá Vorsabæ 2 came second in the group of +six year-old stallions in the year 1990. Forseti accomplished the same, being awarded second place with the scores 8,39 for conformation, 8,71 for riding abilities and 8,58 as a total score. This year, no stallion aged six years or younger had ever received a score as high as that! At the same time he was the highest judged offspring of Hrafn 802 frá Holtsmúla worldwide.

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Forseti LM 2006

Forseti LM 2006

Forseti LM 2006

Forseti LM 2006

Forseti LM 2006

Forseti LM 2006

Forseti LM 2006

Forseti LM 2006

Many offsprings of Forseti have been shown at breeding evaluation and the highest judged is the stallion Hersir frá Lambanesi with the total score of 8,57.

It is also remarkable how many of Forseti‘s offsprings have participated in competitions and done very well. For example the World champion in T2,  Straumur frá Seljabrekku.

Here are some pictures of offsprings by Forseti:

Hilda frá Bjarnarhöfn

Hilda Bjarnarhöfn 8,54

Þröstur fráHólum

Þröstur Hólum 8,38

Straumur Seljabrekku 1

Straumur Seljabrekku 8,38

Hersir frá Lambanesi

Hersir  Lambanesi 8,57

Snerpa undan Kolfreyju

Snerpa Vorsabæ2 8,27

Kostur undan Glettu

Kostur Vorsabæ2 8,22

Kostur undan Glettu

Kostur Vorsabæ2

Fjöður undan Nös

Fjöður Vorsabæ2 8,10

Snillingur undan Hviðu

Snillingur from Vorsabæ 2


Árvakur from Vorsabæ 2. Dutch winners T2 2013

Video Forseti 2001 5 yers:

Video Forseti 2002 LM. 6 yesra.

Video Forseti 2006 LM. A-Competition.

Video Forseti 2006 LM. A-Competition.

Forseti 2014. 18 year old.

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